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The rising threat of voice fraud

Generative AI has turbocharged voice-related fraud. And it has just started.
Identity theft, media deepfakes, robocalling... taken to the next level.

AI: Voice cloning tech emerges in Sudan civil war

A campaign using artificial intelligence to impersonate Omar al-Bashir, the former leader of Sudan, has received hundreds of thousands of views on TikTok, adding online confusion to a country torn apart by civil war. › news

How AI Is Changing Social Engineering Forever

On the one hand, AI creators have facilitated incredibly fast adoption by equipping advanced AI chatbots (like Bard and ChatGPT) with the simplest consumer user interface known: a text window to query the machine with promp... › news

How voice cloning through artificial intelligence is being used for scams | Explained

Voice clone fraud has been on the rise in India. A report published in May last year revealed that 47% of surveyed Indians have either been a victim or knew someone who had fallen prey to an AI generated voice scam. › articles

About 83% Indians have lost money in AI voice scams: Report

According to a report by McAfee, more than half (69%) of Indians think they don’t know or cannot tell the difference between an AI voice and real voice. Furthermore, about half (47%) of Indian adults have experienced or... › news

Hacker Deepfakes Employee's Voice in Phone Call to Breach IT Company

Retool says social engineering, an AI deepfake, and a weakness in Google's Authenticator app helped the hacker breach the company last month... › news

Scammers use AI to mimic voices of loved ones in distress

Artificial intelligence is making phone scams more sophisticated — and more believable. Scam artists are now using the technology to clone voices, including those of friends and family.... › story

Deepfake Audio Is a Political Nightmare

British fact-checkers are racing to debunk a suspicious audio recording of UK opposition leader Keir Starmer.

No one wants to live in a world where this can happen. It's time to use AI to combat AI.

We are revolutionizing voice security with advanced AI

We build solutions powered by deep learning for authenticity and identity verification

Authenticity verification

Detect if a voice is real or generated with AI.

Identity verification

Verify someone's identity using their voice.

Superior accuracy
and flexibility

Voice is everything we do. We bet for depth instead of breadth.

Our research team has tens of years of experience in the speech and signal processing space, allowing us to find unique features and insights in the voice spectrum.

It's this deep understanding of voice that allows us to build superior products regardless of the audio channel and language we are working on.


Over 98% accuracy vs. the most complex "In-the-Wild" datasets, setting the industry benchmark.


Verifications in fractions of a second, fit for real-time applications.


Language and channel independent, including the most challenging low-quality audio.

Built for easy integration

Our cloud-based solutions are designed to provide developers with the tools and resources they need to quickly and easily integrate our technology into their systems and workflows.


Where we help most

Voice is the essence of how we communicate as humans. It's everywhere. But there are four use cases where we help the most.

Personal communications

Secure your audio and video communication channels against fraud and scams.

Customer support and authentication

Protect your contact center against social engineering and enhance your authentication processes.

News and social media deepfakes

Verify if what you listen to is real or not. Enhance your fact-checking process.

Video and audio sharing platforms

Label audio deepfakes in published audio and videos to inform users about content authenticity.

Collaborating for a more secure future

We believe that a strong partner base is the only way to improve and enhance our solutions and protect more people, faster.

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